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Finnish lunatics: Crushing a 4000-dollar diamond with a hydraulic press

Well, go hydraulic? This can be done only in Finland.

One finnish guy just decided to start crushing things with a hydraulic press and making videos of this strange hobby to Youtube. It was an instant hit! The student from Tampere, Lauri Vuohensilta is now thinking to become a full-day professional of video crushing.

The biggest hit of all the videos is absolutely the one in which Laurin crushes a diamond. He reveals it is a 4000-dollar diamond breaking into thousands of pieces. So far over eight million viewers.

He has also crushed playing cards, folded paper, Rubik’s cube and so on.

Vuohensilta has got great publicity globally. For example in Reddit there has already been several articles about Hydraulic Press Channel. The Popular Science dedicated a long article to one of the cases Hydraulic Press Channel was testing – the mystery of explofding paper. Why the folded paper explodes when cryshed with a press?

And the little spice of these videos is the language. Lauri speaks this mysterian finish dialect of english, often referred as “rallye english”.

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