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World’s first selfie was taken here in Finland

Selfie from history. This is the world’s first selfie. Of course from Finland!

A finnish newspaper Aamulehti found the first ever selfie (PICTURE HERE!) taken by a former Nokia engineer in March 18th, 2002. The camera in use was the first ever camera phone made by Nokia, and it was not sold anywhere those days. Onlky the developers had some prototypes of this hot new invention.

Just remember, the world was different those days. There was no word called “selfie”, because there were no camera phones. Nokia’s 7650 was the first camera phone in the market next summer. There was no social media. Facebook was founded just a couple years later.

But why was this picture taken in Tampere? Of course. Tampere in Finland was the heart of Nokia’s development those days. That was the city where all the big things were done.

It is all gone. Nokia has been almost forgotten, when we talk about phones. The guy who took the selfie, is not any more working as a developer. He is now building organs! He says it is very staisfying. When you make phones, they are built to last a couple of years. But when you are building organsa for churches, they are used after a hundred years.

The place where this picture from 2002 was taken, is a lake in Tampere called “Näsijärvi”. In the background you see a local landmark, a small tower called “Siilinkari”.



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